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Musc Ravageur 3.4 oz EDP for men and women


Musc Ravageur 3.4 oz EDP for men and women

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Musc Ravageur Perfume by Frederic Malle, Created by Maurice Roucel in 2000, Musc Ravageur captivates and grabs the attention of those who experience it. Base notes of oriental sandalwood and vanilla combine with the creamy essence of tonka bean to produce an excellent evening fragrance. This perfume’s mysterious allure only increases with woody note additions of cedar and guaiac wood. Adding to this fragrances identity are spicy and lively notes of cinnamon and cloves to bring wearers closer to home. Finally, top notes of bergamot and lavender prove lively additions to this long-lasting scent.

Made by perfume company Frederic Malle, this scent is a result of a family lineage teeming with fragrance industry experience. Frederic Malle’s family consists of three generations of perfume creators. This scent is one of this companies first creations and is a testament to Frederic Malle’s history and experience within this industry. Its professional and modern bottle design is a wonderful addition to anyone’s collection.