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Clive Christian 1872 Mandarin 1.7 oz EDP Unisex


Clive Christian 1872 Mandarin 1.7 oz EDP Unisex

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From the Original Collection. To celebrate the love story that founded our brand Clive Christian has created two limited edition perfumes inspired by orange blossom - 1872 refreshed with the fragrant blossom from a flowering mandarin tree and X with the verdant fruit intertwined around neroli flowers - an ode to Queen Victoria whose crown proudly adorns every bottle of Clive Christian perfume.

1872 Mandarin, refreshed with the juicy citrus peel and bright florals from the Mandarin tree captures a refreshing energy like a brilliant bolt of sunshine. This citrus musk is a unique twist on the classic 1872 perfume from Clive Christian Perfume. 1.6 oz. Made in UK.

  • Mandarin
  • Juniper Berry
  • Citrus fusion of grapefruit
  • Vetiver